World Tour: Passing Through Argentina's Airports.

By the time I get on the boat (excuse me, "ship") to Antarctica tomorrow evening, I will have been through three of Argentina's airports.

What can I say about them?

Well, while the security and customs procedures aren't as intense as they are in the U.S., there's really not much to them. And the main airport in Buenos Aires (EZE - Ministro Pistarani International) is not nearly as nice as the smaller one (AEP - Aeroparque Jorge Newbery). 

Why am I biased?

Well, I've found more people at AEP (which is where I am writing this) who are willing to "Habla ingles" avec moi. Even when I got into the immigration line for "foreigners" (which had instructions in English), the agent spoke no English. NONE. Which was fine. Because after a minute of showing her my passport, posing for a photo, scanning my thumb and showing her my boarding card stub from my arriving flight, she finally let me go. Though, please note, all of this took about a minute to happen. So it was fast. Even if there was a lack in communication. (For which I will fully take responsibility. I did not bother to learn any travel-centric Spanish before coming here, because I am only passing through quickly. So I am not allowed to complain about no one speaking English. I am mostly noting this for anyone else who comes here. Even if you are just passing through, LEARN A LITTLE SPANISH!!!)

Another annoying thing about EZE airport... NONE OF THE ATM MACHINES WERE WORKING! Seriously. I would say two-thirds of them were flat out broken. The other third that were functioning were not dispensing cash. This was leaving a lot of people angry. Taxis only take cash. I eventually went to the private care service desk, where they mercifully spoke English, and used my credit card to book me a private car to the AEP airport. SUCCESS!

I now have about four hours till my last flight, which will bring me to Ushuaia, Argentina. I will spend the night in a local hotel, and then board the ship tomorrow evening. Right now, I am doing pretty well. Not tired, despite a lack of sleep. Though I would give anything for a shower, as I have almost been in these clothes for 24 hours... And will be in them for about another nine hours.  (EWW! But this is what happens when you have to travel long distances.

Probably the most awesome (and surprising) thing I have seen in this small airport is this...

A Lacoste shop! I am dedicating this photo to my friend "I.T. Guy" (who lives in Arizona) and is a huge Lacoste fan. (Guessing people in Argentina are just as big of fans of the brand as you are!)

Now, I will finish drinking my Cafe Con Leche. And probably try to find an outlet to recharge my computer. Wish me luck!