World Tour: Reykjavik Coffee Shops & A Penis Museum.


It's cold here. Though, it is slightly warmer in Reykjavik than it is in Boston right now. I actually prefer the cold here to the cold in Boston. The cold here at least means there is snow on the ground and the occasional flurries coming down from the dark sky.

I spent most of my first day here walking around the city in search of warmth. With only four hours of actual daylight, I was efficient with my explorations. 

I spent a good chunk of the daylight walking around the area near my hotel. It is in a very industrial neighborhood. There are a few other hotels. There are some quiet apartment buildings. But mostly there are lighting stores... And design stores...

How dull.

So I came back to my hotel, which had a small chain coffee shop nearby...

After a stop there for a cappuccino and a sweet treat, I walked in the opposite direction... Towards the City Centre. It was a nice two miles of walking around pretty streets all cozy and decorated for holidays when I came upon this place... Reykjavik Roasters.

It's hidden on a side street, but isn't in an unsafe neighborhood. I ordered a special Icelandic coffee drink, which was basically a deconstructed cappuccino.

A shot of espresso and a side of foamed milk... 

Gorgeous crema on that espresso shot.

And a big roasting machine right in the middle of the room!

It was such a find! I am hoping I get the chance to go back before I leave on Sunday.  The best way to keep warm in Reykjavik is, in my opinion, is to pop in and out of coffee shops. Plus, there is usually free wifi for you to access.


And speaking of "scoring"... I have a number of friends in my social network that have been to Reykjavik. They all went on and on about trying a hotdog from a street cart (which I found no street carts on my walk through the City Centre - by the way). But none of them ever mentioned the penis museum.

Yes.  The Icelandic Phallological Museum. It was on the main street. I was walking by it, not even noticing it, when I peeked into the window...

Coffee mugs with museum logos and salt a pepper shakers in the shapes of a penis.  WHAT???

Unfortunately, I was not able to go into the museum. I only had a short period of daylight to work with, and I wanted to explore as much of the City Centre as possible before it got completely dark. By the time I walked back past it later, it was closed.

(Sad face)

I am going to try to visit it on Saturday or Sunday, before I leave back to Boston. There's someone I know who would just LOVE a coffee mug.