World Tour: Reykjavik - Day One.

And so it begins! The World Tour of Heather Molina!

Let me be completely honest... Other than booking the Game of Thrones Tour and adding on a Golden Circle tour and Northern Lights Jeep tour, I pretty much did no prep for this trip.

I meant it to be that way too.

A few things, first, to note about the airport (KEF) here in Reykjavik... Getting through customs is pretty easy. No landing card to fill out. No lines at the immigration desks. No weird questions. It was pretty nice. Not so nice, though? The ride from the airport into the actual city. 

It's LONG! It took about 45 minutes. And it was pitch black, as Iceland is in the part of the year where they have 20 hours of darkness.  It was also snowing as I drove in, but the cab driver was very nice and played Christmas music the whole way.

I arrived just before 7am, Iceland time. The flight was slightly over four hours.  And I didn't get any sleep on it. So when I got to my hotel, I messaged with a friend of mine in Los Angeles (old Film School Partner) and attempted to stay up till the Sun was expected to rise. Which wasn't till 11:08am...

Yes. You see right there... Sunlight goes from 11:08am to 3:33pm today. And the temperature is about the same as it is in Boston, which means it feels very "nice" to me.

I'll do separate posts on my discoveries for the day. But another thing to note: It gets dead around here very early.

I walked about a mile and a half into the City Centre from my hotel, and on the walk back (about 7:30pm), the streets were dead. And it was dark. And snowy. I felt completely safe. But it was just odd.