World Tour: Riding Durty In "This Place."

I grew up in a small town. I like to call it "This Place." When I check into the town through social apps, I like to call it, "This Place!"

There's not a lot of action, so to speak, in This Place. But it's a great, quiet, little town for living if you like hiking, mountains, outdoor stuff. It doesn't get too cold. And when it does, it's only for a few days. The summers here, at a higher elevation, are not as brutal as they are in the larger cities of Phoenix and Tucson. But those cities are only a few hours of driving away, at maximum.

So, there's not much to do in This Place, if you don't feel like driving or getting up in the mountains to do outdoor stuff. And television just does not have the draw that it did when I was a teenager living here. And since it is no longer socially acceptable to lock myself in my bedroom reading books for hours, as I did as a teenager, I needed to get out of the house.

Lucky for me, I found this bad boy in the garage...

An awesome cruiser! And it's PINK!!!

It is my mum's bike. She doesn't ride it in the "Winter." But since I hail from a very cold place currently, the high 40s temp is perfect bike riding weather for me. No jacket needed! I felt pretty bad ass riding it, too! A friend who saw a photo of the bike suggested I strap a boom box across the baskets. But no one really wants to listen to me blasting Air Supply while I ride down the street.

Or do they?

Anyway... So while there isn't much to report on this part of the World Tour, I am enjoying myself. It's a slower-paced relaxation.