World Tour: Winter Swimming At Sunset In Akureyri.

Today you will find me in northern Iceland, in a small town called Akureyri.

I am here to visit some caves, the locations where they shoot the Winter scenes in Game of Thrones, and to swim.

Yes. Swim.

People in Iceland love to swim. Any time of the year, even in Winter. And outdoors.

When I arrived at my hotel here in quiet Akureyri, I asked the woman at the front desk what there was to do in this town. She immediately pointed to the swimming pool on the map.

So after quickly throwing all of my crap in my tiny minimalist room on the third floor, I grabbed my swimsuit/Bikram practice clothes and was back outside hiking to the top of a hill.

That's where the pool was located.

Because this is Northern Iceland, there is even less daylight right now. It was 1:30pm when I got to the hotel. The Sun was scheduled to set at 2:46pm. And I wanted to be in the pool when it happened...

The pools were heated. And there were quite a few people using them this afternoon. There were a bunch of school kids hanging out in one of them. And I found that funny... As I grew up in Arizona - with a swimming pool - and I never invited people over to hang out in it after school. But in Iceland, it's the cool thing to do on a weekday afternoon, I guess.

This tells me that I have lived life certainly not in a "relaxing" way.

I stayed in the pool till after the Sun set...

It felt great. Tomorrow I hit some thermal baths.