Antarctica: Humpback Whales Bubblenet Feeding.

I went to bed at about 2am on New Year's Eve/Day. It wasn't a particularly libation-consuming evening. But it was fun to stay up dancing to horrible music, after having counted down to the new year with a midnight Sun.

So I went to bed just exhausted. But that didn't make being woken up a mere few hours later any less painful. Ugh!

It was 6:45am, and I was sound asleep. I wasn't planning on getting up till almost 8am. But the expedition leader adapted the plan on the spur of the moment...
"Attention everyone... We have a group of five humpback whales performing a show for us around the ship. They are doing what's called 'bubblenet feeding.' You don't want to miss this! Get dressed and get out on deck to check it out!"
I was looking a "wreck" though. My hair was a tangled mess. I couldn't find my glasses. And I needed to get some clothes on my body that would be suitable for going out of my cabin.

Needless to say, I missed most of the action. 

By the time I got up on deck and got my camera ready to shoot, this was all I got to see...

I saw a little more than this, actually. But this is all I was able to capture. 

Pathetic, I know.

Lesson Learned:
Sleep with your camera next to you. Run out on deck with just your parka on, if you have to. No one cares about your hair.