Antarctica: Iceberg Graveyard.

The final excursion to Petermann Island provided a post-landing zodiac tour through one of the most spectacular things to see in the Antarctic Peninsula...

The Iceberg Graveyard.

There are very few words I can summon to describe what it's like to go through it. The experience was amazing, as it was an overcast day. The reflections of the trapped bergs (because there is very little current moving them once they get past the Lemaire Channel) makes it eery. But beautiful.

I was able to capture some of the most gorgeous photos of all against the black still water. The reflections were electric.

I hope you enjoy the photos...

My friend, J... Eating some ice he picked out of the water. I tried it too. It was very salty.

Below are a series of shots of an Adelie penguin "dancing" on a lone iceberg.