Antarctica: Petermann Island - Gentoos & Adelies and Babies!

We saw three different types of penguins in Antarctica:
  • Gentoos (the most common)
  • Chinstraps
  • Adelies
My favorite are the Adelie penguins. We didn't get to see them until the very last day of our excursions, which brought us to Petermann Island.

And they were colonized amongst some Gentoos. But the best thing about seeing the Adelie penguins was the babies we got to see!

A hatched shell.

Feeding time... Vomiting in the mouth!

Cuddle time! Adelies and Gentoos!

This poppa is warming his egg. Love that the males help bring the baby to life!

Here is a video I captured of them feeding. (Please excuse the heavy breathing... I had just walked very quickly up a steep hill to get to them.)