Blueberry Pi In San Diego.

Most people who know me know that I love cooking and baking. And if people do nice things for me - such as show me around an outer part of San Diego (Encinitas!), I like to cook for them in return.

One such friend, who is  a bit of a geek, was the receiver of a very geeky pie. Or "Pi," actually.

It started with a pre-made crust (hey - I didn't have time to make it from scratch.. cut me some slack!) and blueberries.

Lots of blueberries, some sugar, lemon juice, all spice and cinnamon.

Then I took the rest of the pre-made crust and used a pizza cutter to cut strips for weaving a lattice crust. But I didn't stop there! No, in order to make this a "Pi", I used some special mini cookie cutters I brought with me to cut out some numbers...

Yep! It's the first 25 digits - post decimal point - of Pi.

I think the final product turned out nicely...

And it tasted quite good.

I think it was a solid "thank you" for allowing me to capture this view from the Swami Meditation Garden...