San Diego: A Gorgeous Winter Day.

I arrived in San Diego about 48 hours ago. I'm keeping it low-key and relaxed, as I want to be able to imagine myself actually living here. And even though you might think (by reading this blog) that I am an extrovert, you would be incorrect.

In real life, this chick is very much an introvert.

That doesn't mean, however, that I am socially awkward or defunct. I can carry on a conversation, host a party, lead a team... All quite well. But my favorite things to do tend to be solo. Very quiet. I'm a homebody.

So this trip to San Diego is exploratory for me, in that I want to imagine myself spending my days as I would if I lived here. No crazy tour spots are being hit. I'm hanging with friends and cooking. I'm going on long walks (some solo) to discover things.

So far, I really like it here.

I mean... What's not to love about a Winter day that looks like this??

If I lived here, I would be at the beach once a week. At least!

Wintertime in Boston usually means staying in, and walking as little as possible outside, because it is too cold to even leave the apartment. But give me a temperature above 45 degrees? I'll be out galavanting and discovering! 

Paddle-boarding in mid-January? Really?

Oh man. Jealous!