World Tour: Camping In Antarctica.

I am back in reach of a proper WiFi connection! HOORAY!

That means I can start uploading all the photos and videos from my trip to the "White Continent"... And I wanted to start with the adventure I got to partake in of camping ON THE CONTINENT!

Flags were spaced around the area to mark the boundaries of our camp site.  You can see the ship off in the distance.

This was my gear for the night!! A slim mat to lay on the snow to keep me from sinking into the knee-deep snow. A sleeping bag. A bivy sack to put my sleeping bag into - which acts like a windbreaker. Then I also brought my Kindle Paperwhite, iPhone and iPod to keep me company inside.

But you may be wondering about the "bathroom accommodations" for our "overnight" camp trip... And here you go...

Off in the distance you can see the expedition crew creating a "snow wall".  Inside that wall was a magical blue bucket...

Looks comfortable and awesome, doesn't it?

You're not allowed to leave any trace of yourself on the continent, other than footprints. So if we are on land, and you have to "go"... You gotta use the bucket.

And I am one of those people who gets up about three times a night to pee. So I knew the chances of me having to use the bucket were extremely high. But I wasn't going to let peeing in a bucket prevent me from camping out on land.


So you're probably wondering if I had to use it... Huh?

Yes. Of course I did!

But I waited till 5am to cave in and use it. And honestly, the worst thing about using was walking to the area where we put them. Using them wasn't actually bad! It was kind of nice... Peeing while staring at the Antarctic water and glaciers... That was kind of nice.

And we even brought antibacterial sanitizer to use on our hands in lieu of water and soap. So that was nice too.

We were incredibly lucky on this expedition. We weren't guaranteed the opportunity to camp out at all. It's completely dependent on the weather. Additionally, not all expeditions get the chance to camp out on the actual continent... But instead end up doing it on one of the islands. The islands are a "part" of the geo-political formation of the continent... But we were actually on the continent itself. Which makes the whole experience so much cooler!!!!

Here's a quick video I did before going to bed that "night"...