Bali: Kajane Mua Hotel In Ubud.

I landed in Bali after dark. The flight from Singapore was mild. The movie selection was terrible.  But it didn't matter... As I was headed to a tropical paradise. One tucked in a little area of Ubud, the middle part of the island.

The most expensive thing about Bali is simply just getting there. Once you are there, it's relatively inexpensive. For less than $250 a night USD I had my own villa on the property. And the best part about the villa?

My own private swimming pool!

The first thing I did - even before unpacking - was go swimming. The pool was very deep, all around. I couldn't stand in it. But in the humid and sticky air of night, I as fine with being submerged in the coolness.

"I'd like to have a pool like this someday," I said to myself.  "Complete with the statue."

I never got around to asking what this statue was. But it watched over me as I swam. And I liked it's smile.

The rest of my villa was dreamy as well.

I had an outdoor living room downstairs.

The bedroom was upstairs, and it had netting tied up over the bed. (Which helped save me a little form the mosquitoes.) It created a nice romantic look - which was perfect for sleeping.

Both of my bathrooms (upstairs and downstairs) were open to the elements, but still allowed privacy. The upstairs one had a view of the gate to my villa.

And it's decor was very spa-like... Which gives me a lot of inspiration for when I buy a place someday.

(Yes, that's my laptop charging. This was one of the few outlets I found in the place!)

And of course there was the tub...

Simply divine. But took forever to fill up this thing! Perfect and deep... And they provided a canister of "Foam Bath" next to the tub to make a bubble bath possible.

Each morning, I treated myself to breakfast by the pool. 

Typically it was an Indonesian breakfast I chose, with fried noodles. These were another thing I favored greatly while in Bali. One thing I didn't really care for, though? Bali coffee. It tasted - funny enough - a lot like ayahuasca.

I loved the Kajane Mua, and would happily stay there again. I might even bring someone the next time I go - as my being in Bali alone seemed surprising to them.

"All alone in Bali?" I would get asked... When ordering room service or sitting down at a table.

I'd smile.

"Yes," I'd say. "Away from everything."