Evolving The Definition Of Success: The Third Metric Conference.

For my 37th birthday (which arrives in mid-April), I decided to give myself a lovely gift of a trip to New York City.

NYC in Springtime is gorgeous. Stunning. Farmers markets with flowers... Sunshine... Blazers with light scarves... Sunglasses... Bright colors...

It was on my 23rd birthday that prompted me to move to NYC. I was there for a birthday vacation, went on a job interview, got the job... And ended up moving there three weeks later. I fell in love with the city in the Springtime. It's impossible not to.

But now, I love it from a distance. It's an exhausting lover. It takes up a lot of energy. So occasional visits are really how I satiate my craving for the city.

I lived there for four years of my life and had quite a bit of career success. But understanding how to evolve my definition of success is one of the things also driving me to NYC this April, as I have a spot booked for the Third Metric Conference.

The conference is put on by the Huffington Post, and is being held on various dates across three different cities. The purpose is to bring together people and get a dialogue going on how success has been defined, is being define, and should be evolving in definition. It has a list of speakers that make me giddy... Which is why I have treated myself to a top-tier ticket for the event! I want the chance to meet some of these people in person, if I can! And sitting front row center will help with that.

So while this birthday treat is a bit indulgent on the cost side, it's a great opportunity to hear view points and wisdom shared from people across a variety of roles and industries.

Happy birthday to me!

And of course... I'll be sharing all the learnings right here.

Like, duh.