Jet Lag Can Be Dangerous.

I found myself awake in bed at about 4:30am today.

Yes. The jet lag is finally catching up with me. After 16 days of traveling outside of my timezone (far outside), and then spending yesterday cleaning, laundering, and cooking for my girl friends... This was me for most of today...

The only time today I was really coherent was from 4:30am to about 7:30am. Since I was up early, I decided to finish off the second season of House of Cards and then began perusing new apps to download to my phone.

Which is how I found this gem...

SA-WEET! (Pun intended!)

I had heard about the magical Girl Scout Cookie Finder app a few weeks ago, but hadn't bothered to try to download it. But finding myself wide awake with a curious brain before the Sun was ready to rise... You know it was getting downloaded!

Victory! I know exactly where I can score some of the good stuff this week!

Sadly, I won't get to really enjoy the cookies though. As at 5pm I leave for the airport to head on the next leg of my trip (South Africa). Which means whatever cookies I will buy will have to wait to be eaten when I get back from my trip.

No problem, right?

Well... Problem. A week after I get back from South Africa, I leave to the Turks and Caicos. Which means living in my swimsuit and cute dresses. Which means no cookies should be eaten before I leave.


Looks like I won't be buying any cookies. It's too dangerous. But what a great app!