Oscar Winners Never Wear Red.

I don't watch awards shows anymore. They're usually pretty dull, in full. I much prefer to simply catch the recap online. It's a more efficient use of my time. 

I mean... Most of these awards shows come on Sunday nights. And there's just too much good content already needing to be consumed on Sunday nights. PRIORITIES, PEOPLE!

Anyway... The Academy Awards are this Sunday. And I won't be watching. I also won't be watching the fashion pre-shows - as the commentary bores the crap out of me. But one thing I do enjoy doing is also seeing the recap of what the dresses worn were. Especially the winners. 

And while there doesn't appear to be a favored designer to wear for the Best Actress winners... There is one trend I noticed about the color of the winners' dresses: none are red.

The closest is Halle Berry's dress from 2002.  It was a maroon Elie Saab dress. Light colors, pale pins and whites, are popular. As are yellow. And pink! And blue!

But where is the red?

I love the color red. It's my favorite. I'd love to see the Best Actress winner this week (I'm predicting Cate Blanchett!) where red. A spicy and sexy red!


Maybe I will have to log on and watch the fashion coverage of the show... Just to see quickly what she ends up wearing.