Perth: A Quiet Morning At Cottesloe.

I love the beach.

Well, I should be careful and much more precise with that statement. I don't love just any beach. My beach enjoyment is very specific. When it comes to beaches, I like:
  • Sugary sand
  • Clear skies
  • Sun shining bright
  • Very few people around

The WORST beach I've been to in recent years was in the Bahamas. Over-crowded. And I vowed not to ever go to any of the popular Caribbean islands as a result. And in particular, I've come to appreciate visiting the beach in the morning. As early as possible. It's the best time to ensure a fairly quiet experience.

That's why when I made the decision to visit one of Perth's most popular beaches, Cottesloe, I went first thing in the morning. I caught a cab just after 8am, and was lying on the beach by 8:45am with all of the essentials...

TWO kinds of sunscreen. A Kindle. A cappuccino. And juice. 

The beach at Cottesloe is gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

The water is very blue. And the waves were gentle in the morning. There were plenty of birds hanging out nearby, attempting to keep me company...

The water was so gentle, in fact, there were a few paddle boarders out on the early side...

I have always wanted to try this. And when I go to the Turks and Caicos next month, I have a lesson booked to learn how to do it. (YAY! Finally doing it!)

I stayed at the beach for about three hours, then went back into the city.

As I laid out in the sun, reading and sipping my caffeine, I thought, "If I lived near the beach, I'd come here every week!" And it's true. I love the beach. I don't need to actually go into the ocean, or layout to catch a tan. Just being in the sunshine while it's quiet, and looking at the ocean is amazing for the soul.