Perth: The View From King's Park.

Somehow - possibly creepily - the driver who took me from my hotel to Cottesloe Beach knew instinctively when to drive by the area when I was ready to head back into the city.

I had just walked up the stairs from the beach, and was going to see how to find a cab in the area. And as I looked up at the street, he was driving up. He rolled down the window and said, "Are you ready to go back into the city?"

I laughed, cautiously.

"Have you just been hanging out in the area looking for a fare to go back into the city with?" I asked him as I got into the cab.

He hadn't, to my surprise. After he had dropped me off, he picked up someone else in the area to go back into the city. Then he took someone to the airport from the city. Then he had an old woman he picked up from the airport who was lives in Cottesloe. And that's when we happened on each other again. Just three hours after dropping me off in that exact same spot.

So really, it was just the Universe helping me out by sending me a car when I needed it.

(Duh, Heather.)

I told him to take me back into the city, and we got to talking about what else I was planning on doing while in Perth. Other than a tour of a prison that evening, I didn't have anything solidly planned.

"You should see King's Park," he said. "It's beautiful up there. Best views of the city. Then walk back to your hotel."

So I took him up on his recommendation, and let him take me there.

He wasn't kidding...

It was hot and past lunchtime at this point. I found a cute outdoor cafe to grab some lunch at while I took in the view and sunshine. Afterwards, I got up and walked around the park.

There were quite a few various war memorials established in the park...

This one - though you can barely see it - has an eternal flame lit. It doesn't rain much in Perth. In fact, the last time it had rained (according to my driver) was in early December. So there is no fear of this flame going out at all.

Despite not much rain falling in the area, the park was very green. I'm not sure what the rules are on watering these public places, but it was certainly gorgeous.

There were various walking and hiking paths throughout the park. Some were stroller-friendly. And there were quit e a few people having picnics on the ground.

After about an hour, I walked the 20 minutes back to my hotel. It certainly was a beautiful place. I was grateful to the Universe for sending that driver back my way, just when I needed it.