Singapore: Bontanic Gardens.

Minutes from my hotel in Singapore was a beautiful sanctuary, similar in feel to that of Central Park. (At least to me.) It was the Singapore Botanic Gardens. And they were ornate, lush and beautiful!

As Chinese New Year's celebrations were still under way in the city, there were horses spotted throughout the gardens to celebrate the Year of the Horse.

But I was in love with the amount of walkable paths in the gardens. I could walk for hours in the gardens, and actually did... On a hot and humid day, no less!

So many unique trees and vines...

And I came across an awesome climbing tree!

Down by Swan Lake was pretty quiet. It may have been due to a few mosquitos that were hanging out near the water. But I had no problems with them. The statue in the middle of the lake was entertaining...

As was this swan, which I watched for a good five minutes... Trying to figure out if it was real or not! It stood so still. 

Eventually it flapped it's wings.

In terms of flowers, there really weren't too many from what I saw. It was more of a green garden with plants. But within the Ginger Garden section were some lily pads I found delightful...

And the thing that reminded me of Central Park the most... The people hanging out.

I have spent many a Sunday afternoon in Central Park doing this exact same thing.

And here are some of the flowers I managed to come across on my walk...

It started to rain lightly, just after this was taken. So I walked back to my hotel and cleaned up before dinner.

Singapore can be a very lively place to visit, but I took a more serene approach overall. I'm not one for "the action." I like observation more. And the gardens were perfect for that.