Travel Inspiration: Amanda Ross.

About a year and a half ago, I was visiting one of my favorite sartorial sites, StyleLikeU. I love StyleLikeU because they visit the closets of various people (some famous, some not... just people with original and great style) and interview them talking about their inspirations.

One of my most favorite closet interviews is with Amanda Ross...

I think it's obvious why I like Amanda Ross. She's all about traveling! Seeing the world! Educating and stimulating her senses!

It's little stories and pictorials like these that ignited my desire to travel. Seeing how they approach travel... Exploring what they picked up in each location... Feeling a kinship to someone else who values all the stamps in their passport as though they are a priceless treasure - because they are!

And her approach to travel in particular connects with me. I leave for Cape Town, South Africa tomorrow. And once I arrive there, I will actually only have really only four days in the city.  Some might think it's crazy to go so far for only four days. But I don't!

I think it's the best way. See as much as you can. Experience as much as you can.

Besides, sleeping and resting is for the long-haul flight.