Vignette: Coffee Table Accoutrements.

I have a great disdain for homes that are kept in so much of an immaculate state that they fail to feel like anyone actually lives there.

Even the most modern-styled of homes should have a feeling of human energy and disarray about them. And the one thing I loathe the most is when I see tables - particularly coffee tables - that are empty and devoid of any kind of life. Which is why I keep mine packed with things I love.

Style books! Designer books! Photography art books! Am actually looking to add some architecture books as well to the collection. Hoping to find some on my travels through Europe later this Spring. 

I love the idea of books - big heavy ones - stacked all over the table. Ready to be picked up any second, and flipped through for inspiration. My favorite is the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty one.

And I like to keep little treasures from my travels nearby...

... Along with white roses. Lately I seem to have a craving for white roses. Simple and clean. Not distracting.

And I love color. LOVE! Sartorially, I flock towards black, white, navy and grey.  For along time, it's all I wore. I've incorporated color over the past few years, more and more. But I've gotten much bolder with adding color through my furniture.

The fabric from a sitting chair near the table.

Colorful furniture - and venturing away from neutrals - is daring. It means committing to something that may die out in trend quickly. But if you love it - and I do - it can be easy to stay committed to it. I spent so many years in a house decorated beyond neutrals. I love colorful furniture now.

Even my couch has color...

Classic and easy to love. It's very cozy. And the pillow adds a nice texture, which can be more easily switched.

This whole little sitting area - styled around the coffee table - makes for a dreamy place to sit in front of the fire in the Winter time... And create.