Who's The Meaner "Mean Girl"?

I don't know why this random debate popped into my head**... But wanted to put it out there into the void and see what other thoughts were:

Who is better mean girl, Regina George or Heather Chandler?

Name: Regina George
High School: North Shore High School
Location: Illinois
Hair Color: Blonde
Diet: Carbs (Especially cheese fries and Kalteen bars.)
Hobbies: Shopping, having sex with NOT Aaron Samuels, Keeping the "Burn Book" up to date, making everyone else's life a living hell... Especially Cady Heron's
Life's Ambition: Winning Spring Fling Queen

Name: Heather Chandler
High School: Westerburg High
Location: Sherman, Ohio
Hair Color: Blonde
Diet: BQ Cornuts and Liquid Drain Cleaner
Hobbies: Croquet, Wearing Red, Asking the School Lunchtime Poll, Having sex with college guys, Making everyone's life a living hell... Especially Veronica Chandler's
Life's Ambition: We never really find out. But I'd like to think it involved "winning that $5 million dollars and aliens NOT landing on Earth the same day, revealing they're going to blow it up."

Two very different "mean girls." Two very different endings. Thoughts?

**I do actually know why this debate popped into my head. But that's just for me to know. For now. :)