A Day Trip To Florence?

"You can't spend almost four full days in Venice! There won't be enough to do."

A friend told me that last week. I trust them, as they once lived in the area. But I had already booked my flight from Bordeaux (where I would be wrapping a week of vineyard fun with Bail to celebrate her birthday) to Venice for a solo getaway. So I simply have to make the best of it, I determined.

Then an idea hit me... "Why not take a day trip to Florence?"

I had wanted to add Florence to my travel schedule in June. But I couldn't make it work, and ended up substituting Geneva instead. But after some quick research, I realized Florence is only about a two hour train ride from Venice, making a day trip totally do-able.


And as I noticed further, Bologna is in between the two cities. So if I really tire of Venice quickly, I could even do a day in Bologna as well!

Hmm... Time to start plotting out what to see...

Went ahead and booked a night in Florence! A few people mentioned that they actually like Florence more than Venice, so I am taking the train down one morning to Florence, staying overnight, and then coming back the next evening. YAY!