"Can You Estimate How Far You Have Traveled?"

It feels odd to know that in less than seven days, I will have touched all seven continents in NOT seven months, but just under FOUR months.


While I was meeting with the owners of a property I am looking to rent in Encinitas yesterday, I was telling them about my travels. The wife asked me if I knew the mileage of how far I'd traveled. I'd told her:

"I haven't been keeping track of the mileage... Or the cost. I just know I haven't hit all the cities I want to see or burned through the amount I set aside in an account to do all of this travel."

But I decided to actually add up the mileage to this point...

And it is far more than I had expected!

LEG ONE: Iceland - 5,342 miles
  • Boston to Reykjavik, Iceland (2,431 miles)
  • Reykjavik, Iceland to Akureyri, Iceland (240 miles)
  • Akureyri, Iceland to Reykjavik, Iceland (240 miles)
  • Reykjavik, Iceland to Boston (2,431 miles)

LEG TWO: NYC - 430 miles
  • Boston to NYC (215 miles)
  • NYC to Boston (215 miles)

LEG THREE: Arizona (not counting this one)

LEG FOUR: Argentina & Antarctica - 16,824 miles
  • Boston to Miami (1,488 miles)
  • Miami to Buenos Aires (4,408 miles)
  • Buenos Aires to Ushuaia (1,474 miles)
  • Ushuaia through the Drake Passage to Antarctica (1,042 miles)
  • Antarctica through the Drake Passage to Ushuaia (1,042 miles)
  • Ushuaia to Buenos Aires (1,474 miles)
  • Buenos Aires to Miami (4,408 miles)
  • Miami to Boston (1,488 miles)

LEG FIVE: San Diego - 5,972 miles
  • Boston to San Diego (2,986 miles)
  • San Diego to Boston (2,986 miles)

LEG SIX: Iquitos, Peru & The Amazon - 9,810 miles
  • Boston to Atlanta (1,077 miles)
  • Atlanta to Lima (3,199 miles)
  • Lima to Iquitos (629 miles)
  • Iquitos to Lima (629 miles)
  • Lima to Atlanta (3,199 miles)
  • Atlanta to Boston (1,077 miles)

LEG SEVEN: Singapore, Indonesia & Australia - 26,382 miles
  • Boston to London (3,269 miles)
  • London to Singapore (6,740 miles)
  • Singapore to Bali (1,033 miles)
  • Bali to Lombok (125 miles)
  • Lombok to Jakarta (692 miles)
  • Jakarta to Perth (1,871 miles)
  • Perth to Sydney (2,044 miles)
  • Sydney to LA (7,502 miles)
  • LA to San Diego (120 miles)
  • San Diego to Boston (2,986 miles)

LEG EIGHT: Cape Town, South Africa - 18,544 miles
  • Boston to London (3,269 miles)
  • London to Cape Town (6,003 miles)
  • Cape Town to London (6,003 miles)
  • London to Boston (3,269 miles)

LEG NINE: Providenciales - 2,951 miles
  • Boston to Providenciales (1,423 miles)
  • Providenciales to NYC (1,313 miles)
  • NYC to Boston (215 miles)

LEG TEN: San Diego - 5,972 miles
  • Boston to San Diego (2,986 miles)
  • San Diego to Boston (2,986 miles)

This doesn't the trip I took to Arizona in December. But the total so far comes to around... 92,227 miles.

WOW! I hadn't realized how far I'd gone! But you may now be wondering...

"How much is left?"

Hmm... I don't even want to begin to calculate it all out right now. Maybe I'll find the energy to do that later this week.


But I still have all of Europe left. And I'm doing it in two trips. Plus I have Mexico left. Plus another trip to Phoenix and another trip to San Diego.

As a friend of mine told me this weekend, "Just trying to keep up with where you are and when you are makes my head spin."

You're telling me, buddy!