Cape Town: A Gypsy's Dream On The Waterfront!

Directly beyond the aquarium (a few yards from it, actually) was the Craft Market & Wellness Centre on the Waterfront.

And inside the permanent tent structure was a gypsy's dream... Booths of native art and and jewelry, healing potions, massage therapists and holistic practitioners... And psychics!

I found one booth of South African jewelry that caught my eye. One I went into because I spotted some bronze figurines of my Three Wise Monkeys (which, of course, I bought). But immediately after securing my purchase, I saw these lovelies...

The little ring with the green stone is Malachite. It's a stone that helps with transformation and spiritual development. It's a stone of balance. And with the transformation and journey I am currently in the middle of, I felt compelled to spend the $20 buying the ring.

The cuffs though, I was ecstatic about finding. I love cuff jewelry. LOVE it! These were made in Ethiopia, and have all kinds of imperfections in their forging.

The stones are:

Turquoise: Which is for strength and spirituality. It also represents the Throat Chakra, which makes it an excellent stone to wear when you need to find your voice.
Lapis Lazuli: Which represents creativity, wisdom and protection.
Coral: Represents love, passion and creativity.

But look at the details of these beauties!

See how there are clear gaps in uniformity throughout them? I love that!!

My favorite of the three is the coral one...

I feel like Wonder Woman when I wear these! If I had to choose only one type of jewelry to wear for the rest of my life, it would be cuffs. Hands down.

These are perfect treasures to remember this trip by.

After buying the cuffs, I did meander over to one of the psychic booths. I mean... There were about six booths with psychics in the tent. Why not?

I sat down with a woman who had stunning eyes and precise thin braids in her hair. As she worked her way through three decks of tarot cards, her South African accent informed me of the following:
  • I'm currently in the middle of a lot of movement around. (Duh. The Seven in Seven.)
  • I'll have a few people aggressively offering me jobs in the coming months, but I need to be careful about which one I choose. All are good financially. But one in particular could be limiting creatively. (Let's hope when I get ready to go back to work this is all true!)
  • I will have two men vying for my attention soon... One my age, the other older. The older one will have a "Continental" accent. (Meaning - English.) The younger one is American. Both are looking to marry soon and have a kid. I will end up with one of them and pop out a child. (HAHAHA! I laughed at this one. I am not even focused on romance. And won't be for quite a while. And certainly not children.)
All taken in good humor. And a lot of fun.