Cape Town: My Seventh Continent!

Depending on how you look at this whole "Seven in Seven" tour, you could technically say I am have officially hit all seven continents in less than three months.

But that's only if you count Iceland as "Europe." Which I do not. It's just sort of on it's own, up there. And it's where the two continental plates for Europe and the North America meet. So it's kind of both. So it's best not to count Iceland as "Europe" for the sake of being able to say I have achieved the goal of touching all seven continents in the span of seven months.

Plus, I'll be in Europe before the end of March anyway.

So, for the purposes of the "Seven in Seven" tour, Cape Town, South Africa is NOT the seventh continent on this tour. (Europe will be.) But Africa IS the last continent I needed to have put in my passport in order to say, "This person has been to all seven continents in her life."


And it's funny that I made it to Antarctica before I made it to Africa.

But I am here now...

Yes. I am in the "Mother City" of South Africa: Cape Town. And to get here it only took: 
  • A five hour flight from Boston to London.
  • A 12 hour layover in Heathrow Airport.
  • A 12 hour flight from Heathrow to Cape Town.
  • A 3 hour wait at my hotel before I could check into my room.

Yes. It was a long 39 hours of traveling and waiting. Which is why I nearly cried tears of joy when I saw this in my suite here at the resort...

A gorgeous soaking tub. Deep. And with the necessary elements for a relaxing soak...

Bubble bath and sea salts! I immediately filled the tub with hot water, and combined the bath elements for an hour-long soak...

Looks dreamy, yes? I want a bath just like this some day. Hopefully sooner, rather than later. My tub in Boston is a horrid shallow thing with cracks and leaks. And I don't exactly get a plentiful amount of hot water in Winter... Which is why a tub like this is so amazing.

I am jet-lagged and dehydrated. Am spending the evening in to rest. But don't worry, I got out to the Waterfront area, adjacent to the hotel, today. But that's an adventure for a different post.

Am now tucked into bed and ready to drift off...