Cape Town: Warning! Cougar (I Mean "Cheetah") In The Hotel Lobby!

So... My driver just dropped me off from the cage diving excursion with sharks (which I will write up later this week). I get out of the car... And the doorman to my hotel comes up to me.

"Excuse me ma'am," he said quietly. "You can't come in this way. We have a cheetah coming through here right now. Please follow me this other way into the building."

I must have heard him wrong. It must be the South African accent. We Americans talk slow and interpret the accents slowly. (Or at least, I do.)

"Um," I stuttered. "Beg pardon? But did you say there is a 'cheetah coming through here' just now?"

He laughed and asked me if I wanted to see it.

"Right here?" I wasn't believing him. "Through this door? It's coming?"

And sure enough...

A gorgeous creature! I began snapping right away with my camera.

I don't think she really cared for everyone standing around taking pictures of her. Especially me, who was closest.

I got the "bitch stare" a la Angelina Jolie from this animal.

Seriously... What hotel did I book myself in to? This was not the aggressive fast cat I was expecting to see walking out of the hotel lobby bar this evening.