Dealing With Jet Lag Chicly.

I arrived back from Cape Town yesterday evening. It took about 24 hours of traveling - with a layover - to get back to a very frigid Boston. And despite sleeping through most of both of my flights, I still found myself ready for sleep at 8:30pm after I got home.

This meant, naturally, that I was wide awake by 4am today.

And rather than lay in bed reading or trying to get myself to go back to sleep, I got up. I made coffee and did some writing. But that wasn't enough. I felt the need to make things a little glamorous this morning...

I popped on YouTube and watched a French fashion film, Where Are You Polly Magoo? I doused myself with some of Tom Ford's Fleur de Chine parfum. Then, while sitting at my desk (which I never write at these days) I discovered a bottle of Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch nail polish, and proceeded to color my nails.

While drinking my coffee, I ate the one thing I had in my apartment to eat... Cheez-Its!

An incredibly "chic" start to my day. (Ha!) Even though I am wearing grubby yoga pants, scruffy socks on my feet (because it is so cold in this apartment), and have unwashed hair.