Last-Minute Travel To-Dos.

With most of my travel (that is not domestic), I fly out in the late evenings. This means I have the whole day to run around and get last-minute things done, prior to being gone for a few weeks.

And today is such a day.

I got up early-ish (after being up late to watch the Arizona Wildcats kick some San Diego State @ss - apologies to my new city of residence!) to get through the list of things I needed to get done, which includes:

  • Call bank and let them know I will be traveling to specific countries for the next two weeks (This is critical to do, people!)
  • Throw out all close to expiring food in the fridge and on the counter tops
  • Take out garbage (Who wants all of this stuff smelling up the apartment while I am gone?)
  • Clean sheets 
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean kitchen
  • Water plants (And remember to turn the TV to the classical music station to play the entire time I am gone - as the plants THRIVE when I do this while away.)
  • Charge all electronics one last time
  • Run to CVS for last-minute things
  • Juice any remaining fruit and drink

By 10am, I was out the door looking like this...

I completely forgot to put on my lipstick. But as you can see, a nicely tailored coat and sunnies can help you navigate the streets of Boston looking "not-too-crazy-lady."

I was out the door to run to CVS to get the following necessities... Contact cleaner and eyeglass wipes. (Thanks for the suggestion Buster!)

Then I came home and juiced the remaining fruit I had in the fridge... Strawberries, pineapple and watermelon in this case.... Which I have no guzzled down. All that's left to consume is a Myer Lemon sitting on my counter, with which I will put in hot water later to hydrate and "get my Vitamin C on" before hopping on an almost 6-hour flight to London this evening.

And now, I shall spend the rest of my day getting through the rest of that list. I leave for the airport at about 5pm.  :)