London: Mysteries For A Reading.

The original plan for the afternoon in London was to get a tattoo (for me) and then head to high tea at some lovely hotel. It seemed like a nice mix of punk rock and posh. But it was not meant to be... As the tattoo place was completely booked up until tomorrow afternoon.

So new ink will have to wait.

Instead, the three of us (Bail, Frogger and myself) found an astrology supplies and book store in Covent Garden, which also had psychic readings. And we all decided it should be me that goes and gets one.

The place was called "Mysteries." They had a really great selection of crystals, as well as a solid selection of New Age books. The only "reader" who was available at the time (and there are usually four) was a gentleman named Vishal.

Vishal reads palms and analyzes birth charts. He has been studying this for over 20 years, and seemed like a gentle person. He's even written a book called "Beauty Without Make Up." I liked that he used the birth charts, which tell you where the planets were at your birth. How the planets move throughout your lifetime dictates what you are going through and what is to come.

I like that the reading was based on something factual. Even if the interpretation of what each planet depends on the person.

(Ha ha.)

Anyway, here are the details form my reading:

Venus in da house!
I'm about to go into a phase where Venus will dominate my path for a few years. This starts in August of this year and goes for about two and a half years (August 2014 to April 2017). This means:

  • "High time" and professional opportunities. Will make lots of money.
  • People who work with me will do very well too.
  • Romantic good times. (Possibility I will marry during this time. HA!)
  • Spiritual growth during this time.
  • Lots of travel.

A Little About Me
Here is what he was able to determine about my personality, based on reading my birth chart and my palm.

  • I have a very long life line. No major accidents or illnesses.
  • I am "self-made." According to my Fate line.
  • I am a very relaxed person.
  • Very loyal and dedicated.
  • I do like domestic life, taking care of others.
  • I am very "happy-go-lucky." Till provoked. Then I sting.
  • Very creative. But different than other creative people, I am creative through "taking risks."
  • Very strong and creative lady. But very "soft" and feminine. I have a lot of the Moon and Venus. 

Recommendations For Me
These were his recommendations for me:

  • I need to physically be more busy right now. I am too busy in my mind. 
  • Wear Pearls, as the Moon is my first house. Pearls are good for me.
  • My "inner world" is very big. My "emotional world" is very busy. Because of this, I have to be careful of isolating myself. I have a tendency to withdraw. He does not recommend I work just for myself. I should work at a company with others. I need more "connection." And physically busy. I just need to be in the presence of others. It brings boredom and depression.
  • Write something. Share with others.
  • For me, doing things that people think are not "normal" is creativity. "This is a gem the Universe has given you. You have good karma from your last life. Take care of this gem. Don't waste it."
  • Avoid intentional loneliness.
  • Write more. I should be writing a LOT more.
  • Say "yes." I say "no" to often. I shy away from the physical presence of people. I need to stop doing that.
  • Be around people.
  • Avoid being "extra relaxed." I need to be pushed a little bit more. Otherwise I will just be stuck. 

It was very insightful, as usual. And fingers crossed that Venus being in my direct path for the next few years that I magically become rich and sought after in my career and by men!

(Here's hoping for that dream!)