London: Touching The Seventh Continent & Martinis At The Dukes Bar.

I did it!

With my landing, and passage through customs, in London this morning... I have officially touched seven continents in less than four months,


I saved Europe for last. Typically, the most difficult continent to get to is Antarctica. And that was the third one I did on this whole world tour excursion.

To celebrate, I indulged in a martini at the Dukes Hotel (where I am staying) in London.

The first time (and last) time I was at the Dukes Bar was a little less than six years ago. I was in London for work, and was having a very stressful week. Frogger, who I was working with at the time, informed me, "We are going to the most epic place and having a martini."

I wrote about it here.

They are the most charming martinis you can have in all of London. I went with a Strangway Martini, which was really more "charming" than strong. But both Bail and Frogger had proper cocktails...

Bail went with a classic gin martini, made just as gorgeously as I remember from long ago. Frogger went with a Vodka Gimlet.

Such sophisticated dames!

Perfect way to celebrate Bail's birthday and my hitting all seven continents.