Movies From My Childhood You Should Watch.

Yesterday I was watching Mary Poppins for the first time in a very long time. I commented on Facebook about how "confident" (ahem - "stuck-up") Mary Poppins herself actually is. And a friend mentioned that she had never seen it.


This made me worry that maybe I actually had an abnormal childhood with a mum who made us watch awesomely awesome movies every weekend on VHS as a child.

I pinged this friend and asked her about a few other movies, which she hadn't seen either.

I was devastated for her. (Drama -me!) And decided that it was necessary to put together a list of movies I grew up watching and share it.

Now, please note: This is just a short list. There are many more I could add to it. But these are a list of the ones I know I watched repeatedly as a child.

Mary Poppins
I can recall many Saturday afternoons spent watching this. My parents even gave me a cassette player which I played the soundtrack on quite a bit around the age of eight. Re-watching it as an adult... It's funny to pick up on the small bits of dialogue that are super "bitchy" from Mary herself. Mary is the Queen Bee. (Here's the "scary" version of the trailer. You should be afraid of this woman!)

Pippi Longstocking
The original. Not the new one that came out in the 1980s. This is about a physically and emotionally strong young girl whose father is a pirate. A PIRATE!!!

The Goonies
Timeless classic from the 1980s. Bonus points to you if you have ever seen the version with the octopus in it.

Troop Beverly Hills
Shelley Long, as a redhead and divorcing trophy wife in Beverly Hills, decides to take leadership of her daughter's "girl scouts-esque" troop. Hilarity ensues. This film is even more epic because it has a young Tori Spelling making a cameo in it.

Teen Witch
Cheesy perfection. Starring Blake Lively's much older, sister.

What would be on your list from childhood movies?