My New Boyfriend, Tom Ford.

I have been completely out of the loop on things. I had NO IDEA that Carine Roitfeld (former Goddess-in-Chief at French Vogue) had a documentary produced, following her getting her CR book created and out the door.

Have I mentioned how essentially obsessed I am with these fashion-icon-creators' documentaries that have become the IT THING to watch these days? Oh. Why... Yes. Indeed I have.

Anyway... Carine has a documentary that I found out yesterday was coming out today. That meant I pre-ordered it last night on iTunes... And then woke up at 1:30am, downloaded it, and watched it.

And it is superb.


As I was watching it, and finding myself surprised by how approachable and gorgeous this grandmother is, I also found myself falling in love with one person in one of the photo shoot scenes...

Tom Ford.

And I decided, after watching him do a photo shoot in part of a three-piece suit, that he should totally get to be my new boyfriend.

Yes. He gets to be.

I mean, I am totally willing to be his Anne Hathaway from the Princess Diaries... With a "Before and After" makeover. And I'm already helping him get a start on being my fabulous boyfriend with these...

They're my collection of Tom Ford lipsticks, which I have accrued over the past two and a half years. And they are exquisite!

I am not one of those people who thinks lipsticks "retire or expire" after a little while. And certainly nothing Monsieur Ford does ever retires! So I keep them forever and ever. They will be eternal.

Just like Tom Ford's love for me.  ;)

Anyway... In all seriousness, I love these lipsticks. And today, after discovering a Saks gift card I had gotten a few months back, I decided to head out in the gorgeous weather we are having here and pick up some new ones.

The one on the left goes by Nubile. The one on the right is Wild Ginger.

The Nubile one is similar to my other "go to" colors for lippies, since I pretty much started wearing lipstick over 20 years ago. But the Wild Ginger one... This represents the look I am trying to cultivate more often for myself. Colorful! Fresh! Energetic!

And while it may seem intimidating to wear such a bright color, I feel confident rocking it. See...

Not too distracting! Just a nice "pop!"

Monsieur Tom Ford, you are the best boyfriend ever.