Providenciales: A Return To Paradise.

Today you will find me in one of my absolute favorite places in the world - Providenciales, Turks & Caicos.

I came here for the first time nearly eight years ago, when I brought my ex-husband here for his 30th birthday. We loved it so much, we came back twice more in the span of a year and a half. Then came back a every year, starting a few years later. 

This is now my seventh trip to the Providenciales. And it is one of the few reasons I could ever be convinced to stay living on the East Coast, as flying here from the West Coast would be a bit of a haul.

My room wasn't ready for me when I arrived, as it was still before noon. So I went out to the cafe and pool area and settled in for the awesomeness that I came here for...

My Kindle Paperwhite and a Pina Colada. Perfection in paradise!

The drinks in the T&C (at least at this particular resort here - the Ocean Club West - in the T&C) is not like other Caribbean resorts I have been to where they water down the drinks or load them up with sugar and cheap booze. They make proper drinks at this resort! And that is one thing I have to say about the Turks & Caicos in comparison to the other islands in the Caribbean... It's fantastic. Pure lux.

I went to the Bahamas a few years back... I was not impressed at all. The beaches were crowded. There were mostly loud, obnoxious people. Lots of screaming. Lots of drinking. The drinks were sugar bombs.


I don't understand the appeal at all of that.

Give me a quiet beach...


And a gorgeous turquoise ocean...

I am in heaven!

Plus, because I have been back so many times...

The hotel sent a bottle of wine to my room for me. How awesome!

This place really is paradise! I have wifi in my room and all the way down to the beach... And they give me free wine!