Providenciales: So Long To Winter!

I managed to evade Winter - from a technical sense - pretty well this season.

And cheers to that!

My last cocktail on the beach here in Providenciales.

When Winter began, I was in Arizona. It was nice and mild.

After returning, and being in Boston for a day, I headed south to Argentina (where it was Summer) to catch a boat to Antarctica.

In Antarctica, it was warmer than it was in Boston.  :)

I came back to Boston in mid-January for a week. It was brutal! Then I was off to San Diego, where it was lovely and warm, for a few days.

Back to Boston for about five days, then to Peru for 10 days! Again... Summertime down there!

Back to Boston for four days... Then Asia/Indonesia/Australia.... And again, back in Summer!

San Diego for a few days... Then Boston (and the coldest part of Winter yet) for five days. I left the house only twice in those five days. It was that cold.

Then to South Africa... And Summer!

Then Boston for seven days.

And that brings me to Providenciales, where it has been gorgeous all week, and only lightly rained on Sunday afternoon.

In total, I only spent 24 days in Boston during this Winter. And now, Spring is here! Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean it will be warming up in Boston right away. But I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have evaded Winter for the most part this season.

It's been awesome!