Reclaimed Wood & Eames.

About a year ago, I bought this...

It is a table made of reclaimed wood, which I found at West Elm. I love it.

It's communal and bohemian... Not uptight. It's warm and inviting. Not stuffy, like other tables I have owned. Piles of food, flowers, wine and conversation can easily be shared at a table like this. But what I am not a huge fan of are the benches it came with.

They look good. And allow you to squeeze in more people. But they're not the easiest things to navigate sitting on at the table. So I knew pretty early on that I would need actual chairs for at least one side of the table, if not both sides. But I wasn't ready to commit to buying anything because my life was quickly in a state of transition.

So I put even exploring what would look good with the table out of my mind.

But over the past few months - and especially in the past few weeks - I keep seeing images pop up that are a bit of a sign to me that there is a chair solution...


All of these images have crossed my path on Pinterest in the past two weeks.

I am taking it as a sign that - when I have figured out where I will be living in San Diego - I should invest in a few.

Till then, I'll keep dreaming about them.