San Diego: La Jolla Happiness.

This month's trip to the San Diego area puts me in La Jolla, a beach area just north of the city.

It's stunning and easy to navigate. It's clearly an expensive area in which to live. How could it not be with views like this...

From my hotel room.

From the beach, a short walk from the hotel.

Stand Up Paddleboarders!

I am looking at a few places over the next few days in this area to potentially live in when I move here. But so far my impression is that La Jolla seems to be for people a little chicer than myself. It's very lovely. And convenient.  But it kind of reminds me of my neighborhood in Toronto...

Which was lovely too!  But it skewed a little more mature in life than where I currently am at. I could totally see myself hanging out in La Jolla though. Absolutely! So many cafes and restaurants!