San Diego: Signing A Lease In An Art Museum.

Technology is a wonderful thing.

This afternoon, I decided to walk up to La Jolla Village again and head to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Such a beautiful location for an art museum, just off the water...

It was a fun museum to walk around in... Small but actually nicely curated. It wasn't stiff or dull.

A representation of global warming and future generations having to deal with the after effects.

The one piece I saw that really put me off though was this one...

I am not an artist. And I am someone who sometimes needs further explanation and background on a piece before I can appreciate it. And there was a lack of explanation for what was simply a piece of red yarn anchored into two pieces of wall in a corner.

There was one piece that I loved. Loved. Loved.

Looks like a painting. A gradual shadow descending onto light. At least that is what it looked like to me. Till I got up close...


It's strings on a canvas!!!

How fun and tedious! I could look at it every day. 

While walking through the museum, I got an email from my realtor. He had sent me my lease to sign. So I opened it up, reviewed it, and signed it... All on my iPhone!

Technology is amazing. It was a very enjoyable and productive walk through the museum. Indeed!