Seven In Seven Tour: Adding It All Up.

At first I didn't even want to think about it. I was shocked that I had already racked up nearly 100,000 miles of distance in this travel tour... And that doesn't even count one trip to Arizona for Christmas, or all of the "hopping" I did in the Antarctic Peninsula.

I am definitely over 100,000 miles, without even hitting Europe. (Time to start thinking about retroactively doing something about that carbon footprint!) So naturally, it frightened me to even think about the mileage I still have left to take down with Europe, Mexico, another trip to Phoenix, and at least one more trip to San Diego to do.


But, I mentally slapped myself into some common sense. Why be afraid of the number? I mean, if I can manage a P&L statement for work of over $50 million profitably... I'm pretty sure I can handle seeing a 6-digit number for the mileage I'll have gone on this whole "7 in 7" tour.

And here's how the remainder of my travels is expected to look:

LEG ELEVEN: Europe (London, France, Italy) - 8,658 miles
  • Boston to London (3,269 miles)
  • London to Paris (212 miles)
  • Paris to Bordeaux (311 miles)
  • Bordeaux to Venice (631 miles)
  • Venice to Florence (127 miles)
  • Florence to Venice (127 miles)
  • Venice to Dublin (995 miles)
  • Dublin to Boston (2,986 miles)

LEG TWELVE: San Diego - 5,972 miles
  • Boston to San Diego (2,986 miles)
  • San Diego to Boston (2,986 miles)

LEG THIRTEEN: NYC - 430 miles
  • Boston to NYC (215 miles)
  • NYC to Boston (215 miles)

LEG FOURTEEN: Phoenix - 4,600 miles
  • Boston to Phoenix (2,300 miles)
  • Phoenix to Boston (2,300 miles)

LEG FIFTEEN: Mexico - 5,287 miles
  • Boston to Chicago (852 miles)
  • Chicago to Cabo San Lucas (1,833 miles)
  • Cabo San Lucas to Dallas (1,051 miles)
  • Dallas to Boston (1,551 miles)

LEG SIXTEEN: Europe - 12,773 miles
  • Boston to Dublin (2,986 miles)
  • Dublin to Amsterdam (472 miles)
  • Amsterdam to Berlin (358 miles)
  • Berlin to Madrid (1,163 miles)
  • Madrid to Barcelona (315 miles)
  • Barcelona to Bordeaux (276 miles)
  • Bordeaux to Geneva (340 miles)
  • Geneva to Prague (468 miles)
  • Prague to Vienna (156 miles)
  • Vienna to Budapest (135 miles)
  • Budapest to Istanbul (663 miles)
  • Istanbul to Athens (349 miles)
  • Athens to Santorini (143 miles)
  • Santorini to Rome (791 miles)
  • Rome to Dublin (1,172 miles)
  • Dublin to Boston (2,986 miles)

Is your head now spinning too?
Add it all up, this means I still have a total of 37,720 miles to go.

Looking back on when I had this initial idea last Fall, it seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. And it is. But it is exhausting. Still, I am grateful to have had the opportunity and means to do this. And when all is said and done, I will have traveled almost 130,000 miles around the globe.