Traveling Light With Even My 3-1-1 Bag.

"Traveling light, are you?" asked the Uber driver who picked me up to take me to the airport yesterday.

Funny enough, this was the same driver who drive me to the airport four weeks ago to head to South Africa. He remembered me, that I was going around the world... And he noticed I had a different carry-on with me this time...

Traveling light!! This girl has "no baggage!"

While my clothes and shoes fit nicely in my Weekender bag, there was no way I could squeeze in my liquids bag.

Despite planning to purchase hair conditioner when I arrive in London, and planning to receive a toothbrush and toothpaste from the airline I am flying on, I till needed every inch of my liquids bag for this trip.

What all is in there?

  • Two travel bottles of contact cleanser
  • Small pot of moisturizer with SPF
  • Small pot of face wash
  • Bottle of Moroccan Oil for my hair
  • Small sample bottle of Jo Malone perfume
  • Small sample size pot of Kiel's wrinkle cream
  • Batiste dry shampoo
  • Fekkai hair cream
  • Contact case

Real estate in this quart-sized baggie from Sephora is valuable! Sure, it'll be emptier on the flight back, having gone through all of the contact cleanser and the dry shampoo... That just means I can hit the Duty-Free shop on the way back!