Vignette: Cheap Chunky Boho Jewelry.

I'm not one for fancy jewelry. Very rarely will I be attracted to anything elegant or expensive. 

No... I like inexpensive and - in some cases - really cheap stuff. Stuff you can get for a dollar out of a candy machine. And I'll wear it till the design rubs off or it breaks. And even then, I'll attempt to MacGuyver it into a usable state.

Yes. I'm incredibly loyal. To my loves, friends, family... And style pieces.

New cuffs! All of these on the fabric are precious stones... Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Agate, Coral, Malachite...

I love these! They're a larger-sized Buddha version of my Three Wise Monkeys. And they're each wearing a protective or good luck charm of some kind.

Tons of perfume samples... Perfect for traveling! And so many long necklaces. A few have come loose multiple times, forcing me to take pliers to them to reconnect them.

Earrings nesting on a John Derian decoupage plate and Jo Malone perfumes. Each time I buy a bottle of a scent, it lasts me YEARS. One of these bottles I have had since the Fall of 2009. A little goes a long way with perfume.

Fun little pins. Very cheap, from H&M and the Marc by Marc Jacobs store.

Another favorite piece from the Marc by Marc store is this ring. Wobbly spikes on it! I rarely ever wear it, for fear that the spikes will come loose again. It cost about $5 from the store when I bought it fours years ago.

I love my sweet little collection.