Bordeaux: The Art Of Cafe & Macarons.

I have a lovely office in my apartment back in Boston. And I never spend time in it. Most often, you can find me sitting at my dining table made of reclaimed wood, staring out the window onto Tremont Street to watch the world go by as I work. 

Occasionally, though, I do walk up the street to the Starbucks. I bring my laptop. I sit with all the other people on their Macbooks, writing... But mostly perusing the Internet. 

This morning, I started my day by sitting in a cafe off the square with a cappuccino and croissant. 

Then I wandered around in the light, drizzly rain for a few hours. I eventually popped into another cafe.

The rain started to pounce off the cement stones a little more aggressively as I sat there and ate lunch. I knew I would have to be there for a while. So I ordered a glass of wine while I wrote... And then followed it with a shot of caffeine.

It felt glorious lounging at the cafes... Being productive with just my journal and camera!

Once the rain let up, and was back to being a simple drizzle, I navigated the streets to find a marche (market) were I could pick up some food for a friend who is sick. I dropped it off at her place, and the continued to explore the streets and plazas unfolding throughout the city.

Eventually I came to a sweet shop off of one plaza, and tucked inside. There were so many pretty things to gape at!

While I don't have much of a sweet tooth, everything was charming to me. From the candies shaped and colored like olives... To the pots of caramel sauce.

And pastries! All kinds... Looking perfect.

But the only thing that captured my real attention were these colorful buttons...

The macarons!

I couldn't resist. I had to pick up a few...

While these are no where near as good as the single one I had in Paris a few days ago, I do love to look at them because of their colors.

I nibbled on a few to experience the flavors. But they really are too sweet. They are not as delicate and light as the ones at Laduree. So I won't be eating them.  They're just pretty to look at, but not much to experience. Like Trophy Wives.

I know macaron making is an art. I just don't understand how these could be so "off" in texture and taste than any other macaron I've ever had.

Because of this experience, I have decided that I will learn to make them myself. So I have signed up for a macaron-making class on my birthday in Boston.

I have mastered how to experience lounging at a cafe. Now I shall master making macarons!