Bordeaux: Charming Wine, Food & Sleep.

We pulled into Bordeaux by train just before 6pm. During most of that three hour journey from Paris, both Bail and I slept. So we were surprisingly recharged for an evening in the new city, despite lack of sleep the previous night and an exhaustive early part of the day.

After quickly checking into our hotel, we were out the door by 7:30pm to walk along the charming streets of Bordeaux. Bricked and cobble stoned walkways between buildings representing 18th century-style architecture.

It was surprisingly light out, being almost 8pm. We tucked into a Le Wine Bar to have a bottle of wine and a snack. Bail found a bottle of Bordeaux she was ecstatic about on the wine menu, so we ordered it. 

The place served a lot of pork and cheese, which made me sad. (Because I can't have pork till August.) But we managed to get by with bruschetta and an obscenely large plate of giant chunks of parmesan-reggiano.  

We couldn't finish them! But it was a perfect little meal while we took in the bottle over two hours.

Afterwards, once it was actually nightfall, we walked around to find a cafe or bistro to grab some dinner. We were both craving some veggies. It took us a while to find one that looked good. But we settled into one nearby and had some dinner at 10:30pm.

A small sliced flank steak for me. Oysters for Bail!

Look at the beautiful color - and size - of these things! She said they tasted different than the Atlantic oysters in Massachusetts. But were excellent. (I'll take her word for it. I don't eat oysters. They're ALIVE, people!)

By the time midnight rolled around, we were ready to head back to the hotel and sleep... And a beautiful nine-hour sleep (for me) it was.