Bordeaux: Opera - Duello Amoroso By G.F. Handel.

Bail, who I am in Bordeaux with, loves music. Live music. Opera. That kind of thing. She is incredibly smart and cultured.

Me, on the other hand... I hope to "write real good someday." (Ha!)

Anyway, Bail booked us tickets for the opera here in Bordeaux. And when she did it, she could not be more excited about it.

"It's conducted and led by a contralto!" she said.

I had no idea what that meant. But it basically meant a really talent chick with an amazing range was not only going to be leading the instruments, she was going to be singing the main male part.


This wasn't my first opera with Bail. Or my first opera with a female in a male lead. Stretching my brain back five years ago, she took me to see Orfeo et Eurdice at the Met. Tonight's opera, though, was Duello Amoroso by G.F. Handel.

The opera house in Bordeaux was down the street from my hotel. And it was stunning inside.

Sculptures, columns and carvings...

And that was simply the lobby. Inside was equally beautiful. Frescoes on the ceiling...

Intricately carved balconies... A majestic chandelier...

I still have yet to find anything conclusively online that speaks to what the opera was actually about this evening... But what I was able to take away was that a man and a woman are in love... The man is obsessed with the woman. She cheats on him with this dancing male spirit thing... Who is seeing a dancing female spirit thing.  And all relationship hell breaks loose from this.

The dancing spirits... And the operatic couple.

I warned you I was "uncultured."

It was a beautiful performance. And the lead (above) was equally so.