Bordeaux: Will You Marry Me?

Bordeaux, as far as I am concerned, is a million times better than Paris could ever dream of being.

I was never a huge fan of Paris. I first visited the city in 2005, over Thanksgiving. It was cold and rainy. And it was filled with (naturally) with many tourists, which I found annoying. I did love the Musee d'Orsay. And the walks that I could take, despite the cold and the rain, I did enjoy. But overall, I felt very "meh" about Paris.

On my second visit, five years ago, it was Spring. It was warmer and prettier. And I liked the city a little bit better. But overall, I would have rather been in Rome or Amsterdam. 

I'd given up hope that France could ever be a place for me to enjoy. But now I have discovered Bordeaux. And that changes everything.

This is the symbol for Bordeaux. Three crescents, representing the River Garonne's shape, intertwined. It can be seen sculpted into architecture and art all around the city. It's Gothic, making me love the city more.

My room at the hotel has three sets of double doors that open out onto a view of the street...  

It's a nice quiet street with a lovely view.

The 18th century architecture of the city is gorgeous. It looks like there has been very little new construction, adding an old charm to everything.

And I do love to see the new modern conveniences juxtaposed against the architecture...

A tram rolling along the river and the rows of buildings.

We were fortunate to have a sunny Spring day our first day, which allowed us to explore the river walk and the quiet streets of the city.

 The street lamps lining the bridge are amazing. I've seen similar styles in Boston Proper, on old buildings. But there are far, far more here.

Bordeaux actually reminds me a little of Boston. 

That's, of course, when Boston is sunny and warm. Not the "Winter Boston," which lasts about six months of the year.

Spring is starting to bloom here...

Gardens are just being planted. Few things have bloomed. But already it is beautiful.

And how much more picturesque could this place be?

I mean... Really. Stunning. Bicycling through the square. So, so perfect. Simple. But perfect.

The fountain in the square, while still too early in the season for water, feels lively. I love fountains in public spaces. Water coming to life.

After walking around, it did start to chill off in the afternoon. We stopped at a cafe in one of the main squares...

Sitting at cafes is so wonderful. You can sit for 15 minutes... Or for hours. Just watching life take place.

I ordered a hot chocolate...

Again... Perfection. Styled in a small carafe.

Bordeaux is welcoming. It has wonderful food. Beautiful sights. And amazing wine.

I want to marry this city.