Boston: Signs Of Spring.

I've lived in Boston for a total of eight years of my life now. I should know very well how it works.

Despite moaning and whining about the Winter here, I always jump the gun on my expectation for Spring to get here before April. It typically "dances" with us a little in March. But everyone knows - myself included - that Spring does not actually kick in around here till after Marathon Monday each year.

These photos were all taken on a walk this afternoon between my apartment on Union Park in the South End, through Commonwealth Avenue, to the Public Garden.

Once the pink branches begin to bloom, and then turn white, Spring is here. No argument.

The two best times of the year in Boston are Spring, which we only get about four weeks of... And Fall... Which stays pretty for about six weeks.

It was great to see so many people out and in the garden. It was just over 70 degrees. And everything was beginning to bud.