Champagne & Cheetos: This Will Now Always Be My Celebration "Go-To" Gift.

While in Bordeaux, Bail confessed to a guilty pleasure she - a foodie and wine lover - has subscribed to loving...

Champagne and Cheetos.

Odd combination, yes? Not what I would expect from someone with the taste and knowledge of Bail. But she swore they were actually a perfect combination.

"There's something about the airiness of the Cheeto and the bubbles in the sparkling wine," she said.

I knew I had to try it out for myself. So while waiting for my delayed flight in Venice yesterday, I came upon a mini bottle of Prosecco and the Italian version of Puffed Cheetos.

"Couldn't hurt to test-run while I have six hours to kill here," I said.

The woman at the cash register offered me a plastic cup for the Prosecco. I declined. This felt like it needed to be as "trashy" as possible.

I sat down, opened the newest Porter magazine, the bottle and the "Cheetos"... And gave it a whirl.

It was really good!!!

"You should try them with the Crunchy Cheetos," messaged Rokyn, a friend from Arizona.

Brilliant idea, as far as I was concerned. Though, I was admittedly buzzed from the Prosecco.

Flash-forward to this evening... I am now home in Boston. I have taken a long bubble bath. I've got a coconut oil mask on my hair for the next few hours (I needed a deep, deep conditioning after trying to wash my thick mess of hair in all those teeny European showers), so I managed to procure myself small snack-sized versions of both the original Puffed Cheetos and the Crunchy Cheetos, as well as some small bottles of Champagne.

I tried them both...

And both are very good, with all of their GMO and artificial coloring and flavoring in the Cheetos. But there was hands down a very clear winner as to which was best with the Champagne...

The Crunchy Cheetos!!

I found the extra "crunchiness" of the Cheeto went very well with the bubbles in the sparkling wine. It added a very substantial texture, whereas the Puffed Cheeto made it just too "light" and "airy."

This will now be my new "go-to" gift for people's housewarmings... New Year's celebrations... Birthday celebrations... Graduation celebrations... Thursday nights...

Why don't you give it a try too?