CR Book: Why Did I Wait So Long To Read It?


I finally got around to procuring a copy of the CR Fashion Book, Carine Roitfeld's magazine that is produced a few times a year. And I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday immersed in the pages of fantasy and fairytales.

I don't know why it took to the fourth issue for me to actually pick it up and read it. Even before you open the thick book, you get pulled into the artistic vision of the issue with it's two covers. Yes. Two. There's one on the front and one on the back. The magazine moves in two directions, with an over-arching theme.

The theme of this issue was "fairytales"... Old and modern. And the first one referenced was the story of E.T.

Amazing! Taking a model and styling her as E.T., paired with a "Gertie"... Done up in beautiful pieces form Marc Jacobs and Prada.

And a peek into their interpretation of Rapunzel...

This was focused on boots. But how can you not love the photo with the dress made of braided hair?

And it's not just all fashion... The pictorial dedicated to Carine Roitfeld from photographer Bruce Weber was charming...

It's art! It's a look at a modern life that feels like a fairytale! Weber almost gets caught up in living the tale...

But then reality kicks in, and he just enjoys the scene. Brilliant!

My favorite piece was - naturally - the one by Tom Ford.

A fairytale about a boxer betrothed to a grotesquely gorgeous woman, but falls in love with her cousin.

He has to fight the greasy-nasty top-fighter with a tendency to fight dirty. The girlfriend is disappointed when he loses.

But the cousin is there to save his heart. They fall in love and live happily - and fashionably - together.

There were so many pictures to ogle for great stretches of time. Like this Tim Burton-inspired goth bride layout...

This is just a sample. So many beautiful looks.

And never underestimate the power of quality paper...

This one is constructed on thick white paper. The ink costs of this magazine book must be INSANE! But it adds to the luxury of the reading experience. And adds to the high cost of the book, which is $20 in the U.S. 

But very much worth it. I'm currently on a flight to San Diego... And I've been pouring over the pages again and again.