Encinitas: My Cottage Near The Beach.

Okay... So it's about a 20-minute walk to the beach. And a five-minute bike ride. But it would be a lot closer if I didn't have the Coaster train blocking the direct path between me and the beach. It would be less than 10 minutes to the beach, if I were brave enough to cross the tracks by foot.

But I am not.

Anyway... I am loving my little cottage-type place I am renting here in Encinitas. It's got such a lovely feel...

I nice private entrance. And look! My own little yard...

The owners, who live right next door, really did a great job of making this place charming for guests. Typically, they rent the place out to people by the month. And with summer coming soon, I wanted to have it all to myself, even though I won't be living here full time until July. So I booked the place through the end of the year!

Really, the little garden is nice and private. And gorgeous.

Inside, the furniture if very beach cottage-y too...

It's a two bedroom. Which means: GUESTS!

Who wants to come and visit?