Five Things I Currently Can't Live Without: April 2014.

Introducing a new feature here. It's a list of the five things I have to have around me at this time. Obviously these could change monthly, or seasonally. But they're the things I need to function lately.

I omitted the obvious ones that I rave about all the time lately: Tom Ford's lipstick, my compression sacks, and Sili Valley. All three of which are essential as well.

Proper Wine Vessels

The short ones are dishwasher-friendly and from Crate and Barrel. The taller ones are William Yeoward's "Olympia" pattern. I choose my vessel depending on my mood and the amount of effort I want to exert in cleaning up after a drink.

SK-II Facial Serum

I've been a huge fan of this line since picking up their masques in Hong Kong almost three years ago at the airport. The only thing? It's a very expensive line. But when used meticulously, and not superfluously, you can get a large bottle of the serum to last you more than two years. I bought my bottle ($195) back in April of 2012. I'm only halfway through it. I use a cotton puff to apply it, which allows me to be sparing. It's a genius product for changing the texture to a soft-dewey feel. Between this and Bikram yoga, I feel I look younger than my age of 37.

Motorcycle Boots

These bad boys have taken me through two Winters, as well as through my most recent European leg. They are perfect over skinny jeans. They are perfect for wandering through old streets in foreign cities. They take me through rainy weather without skipping a style beat. And they are wonderful and amazingly worn-in at this point.

Evelyne Bag

This sucker has taken me many places on this World Tour. It has been critical! It is typically my "personal item" on flights. It fits my MacBook Pro, Kindle, iPhone... Oh you know... I wrote about what I put into it!

When I'm not traveling, it's across my body as I walk the Earth in Boston. It's durable and chic. It's casual and not uptight, for a hand bag. And I adore the deep Sapphire color.

Sage To Burn

First thing I do when I get home from a trip lately is burn sage. It's a total "gypsy" thing to do, I know. But it mentally clears the energy of a space for me. If I could travel with sage and burn it in every hotel room I stay in as I travel, I would. But it does leave a scent for a while afterwards of incense.

As soon as I landed in San Diego this past weekend, I went to a new age bookstore in Encinitas and picked up some to burn in my new apartment. Sage is also excellent for keeping away spiders and other bugs. Mice too!