"How Do You Blog Consistently?"

The other day, a guy who used to work for me randomly posted at me about the topic of "blogging" on Twitter...

"It's not easy," I indicated.

And that's for sure. I told him it took a full year (around 2005) of me writing posts, publishing them - but not making them public - before I actually felt comfortable enough to let them live in the "public" space. And even then, finding a rhythm for publishing frequency was all over the place. And has continued to be...

You can see, looking at the archive of posts over these past nine years (yep, in my NINTH year here!) that the number of posts I do has ranged quite a bit.

The years where I posted the most (2007 and 2008) were when  I was working at a company I loved and was thriving. I was happy. I found plenty to post about, even if it was complete crap. And then you can see all of that start to pull back in 2010, after I'd move to Canada and was depressed. then 2011 and 2012 came along, and I was happier - because I was back to living in the States, but I was exhausted from work. Then 2013 came along, and though I spent most of the year consulting, you can tell I had personal issues to deal with that kept me from wanting to post.

But now... 2014 is here. And I am traveling and posting so much. Yes, I am happy. And yes, if I wasn't doing all of this travel, I would probably be posting about as much. Why? Because I am back in a space of, "It's none of my business what others think about what I write."

And that is the key to blogging: Not caring what others think about what you write.

Not every post is going to be good. I would say 90% of what I write is silly and pedestrian. But each day, I wake up (lately) wanting to say something. It could be about a dream I had last night. Or it could be about a simple picture I took. Or maybe it's about how much I love my lipstick.

One of the reasons I pulled back on my writing for a few years was because I wasn't surrounded by an energy that encouraged me to feel as though I could be fearless. I was guarded with every thought I shared, whether it was written or spoken. In fact, the majority of my posts in those years revolved around my Bikram practice. Why? Because that was the only beautiful and supportive thing I felt secure in writing about at the time.

Once you are able to let your guard down about whether or not something is "good enough" to share, and feel comfortable with knowing that what you write could end up being complete crap... You'll blog "consistently."

Already this year, I am nearly about to top what I wrote all of last year. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I top it before the end of this month. I make it a goal lately to post once a day. Whether or not I have something you find relevant to say.